Residence Cleaning

Residence Cleaning

Hygienic Solutions residence cleaning is a carefully planned home cleaning service that takes complete responsibility of keeping residences clean, tidy and neat. Our quality services,helps to housewives, career women and men in large or new homes maintain the cleaning inDazzling condition.

You can use our Residential Cleaning Services for regular cleaning & upkeep, during special occasions or when movinghouse.

When we provide the end of lease/moving house cleaning service or bond cleaning service you can get from us a full home clean, window clean, floor clean, upholstery clean and a carpet clean service. You do not need to have to worry about booking different services in time for the cleaning day.

The Construction guys have finished their job, gone and left the mess behind. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? It’s always hard to imagine that the dirty empty rooms will be your home. If you are looking for quality janitorial service to prepare the new buildings for official handover, our service can come in immediately after/during construction and start cleaning.

No time to clean??? Just simply call Hygienic Solutions team

Our teams are trained to clean residences the old fashioned way, giving your home the most thorough cleaning you have ever seen. A cleaning and polish session of our team will bring back the brand new glitter every time.We will also assist you with any special cleaning requirements such as stain removal etc.Below is a detailed list that will illustrate our systematic approach to cleaning.

    • Dusting all surfaces including walls, windows and Blinds
    • Clean cabinets inside out
    • Clean counter and shine sinks
    • Clean tables and chairs
    • Clean countertop appliances
    • Clean light switches and wall outlets
    • Degreaseand clean stove tops surface and burners
    • Degrease and Clean A/C Grills
    • Wipe Skirting’s
    • Mop and Disinfectant floor and skirting’s
    • Clean/dust all surfaces including walls
    • Clean all counter and shine sink
    • Clean tiles and grout
    • Clean toilet inside and out
    • Clean bathtub / shower, shower door and door track
    • Clean cabinets
    • Clean and disinfectant Floor
    • Dust all surfaces including walls, shelves, lamps, furniture, window sills, wall ornaments, and blinds
    • Clean tables and other furniture
    • Clean fingerprints and light marks on walls
    • Clean light switches and wall outlets
    • Remove cobwebs
    • Vacuum floors, carpets, stairs, under beds and sofa’s
    • Wash floors and baseboards
    • Polish hard surfaces
    • Polish handles and other hardware
    • Polishing and Buffing of Marble or Ceramic floors