Why Choose Us

Welcome to Hygienic Solutions

Why Choose Us

We are seeking a challenging work in a pleasant working environment, which will permit us to continue practicing and expanding our skill set and knowledge base, In addition, we are eager to contribute our creativity and hard work towards the success of the company and to the growth of the fast developing field.

Our Principles

We express support for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
We value diversity & promote equal opportunities in employment, development & retention.
We comply with laws, rules and regulations.
We refuse to employ children at an age where education is still necessary.
We apply occupational health and safety standards and guidelines.
We encourage stakeholder feedback and consider their suggestions for future actions.
Continual addition of values for its stakeholders, customers, employees and the society at large.
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  • Part 3
  • Grooming & Hygienic
  • Contract Cleaning Specification
  • Chemical & Disinfectant
  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Procedures For Hospital Cleaning
  • Procedures For Office Cleaning
  • Procedures For Factory Cleaning
  • Health & Safety
  • Floor Care Maintenance
  • Supervision & Motivation
  • Staff Handling
  • Scheduling Of Work
  • Quality Control
  • Time Management
  • Operative Cleaning Manual
  • Safety Measures
  • Cultural Wash
  • Chemicals, Machinery & Equipment
  • Hard Floor Maintenance
  • Carpet Maintenance
  • Toilet & Sanitary Appliances
  • Furniture & Fitting
  • General Cleaning
  • Window Glass cleaning


  • Ensure health and safety of employees.
  • Provide health support through medical aids.


Hygienic Solutions is committed to provide Quality Services of Cleaning, Training & Development. All the staff are responsible for compliance with the Quality Management System and for ensuring that all procedures and work instructions are properly executed and that standards are met. All the staff shall be trained in those processes which they are required to perform. The adoption of the Quality Management System is essential to the continual growth and success of the business.

Quality Control

By incorporating our values and traditions of the past with the new technologies of today, our staff is trained to clean and maintain each establishment, meeting and exceeding the desired quality standards. We can offer you the most appropriate cleaning methodology to suit your business needs. Whether we employ traditional products and cleaning methods, or use alternative microfiber and waterless technologies, our philosophy is to always operate in an environmentally aware manner.


It is the intention of Hygienic Solutions that our clients premises are kept in a neat and clean condition at all times. The specification submitted herein will be considered minimum requirement. Therefore this specification will only be refereed to as a guide rather than limitation to the services required to effectively maintaining the facility.The facility is to be staffed to maintain an optimum condition of cleanliness. If the level of cleaning at any time is considered to be unacceptable, then we will have our staff to take the necessary measure to over come the situation. Staff shall be posted as required to accomplish any periodical maintenance herein specified without abandoning the daily janitorial services. Any extra services will be performed at a predetermined rate agreed by both Parties.